Counter Strike Global Offensive Free Download Torrent Full PC Crack

 Counter Strike Global Offensive Free Download Torrent

Counter Strike Global Offensive Free Download
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or better
RAM: 1 GB XP/2 GB Vista and higher
VIDEO: 256 MB DirectX 9.0 compatible 
HDD: 7.6 GB
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7

Counter Strike Global Offensive is the pinnacle of multiplayer first person shooters right now. Counter Strike has been a staple now in the multiplayer pc gaming realm for years, but this game had something to prove after a long wait from the previous Counter Strike version, and Global Offensive proves Counter Strike is still the king of online action gaming.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Free Download
Counter Strike Global Offensive is much like the previous Counter Strike; it is a lower-scale tactical based first person shooter. There are two teams the terrorists and the counter-terrorists, and when a player is killed the stay dead until the next round. So in this game you have to change your play style from the usual Rambo style of say the Call of Duty games, if you charge in this game usually it will not end well for you. That’s not to say that this game is boring because it is not, it’s just another type of beast. In this game you have to be a bit more thoughtful on your approaches to combat, and you definitely have to be a bit more observant while traveling around. Some people may not like just how hardcore and somewhat slow paced the game is, but it’s still a superb first person shooter experience.

This type of online shooter has an addictive nature to it, while the game is slower paced then say a Call of Duty the matches still are brief and to the point. So you will always want to play another match and do better or try to get one up on a player that has had your number. This is a much more serious type of shooter, you really feel a sense of satisfaction when you beat an opponent because you know how much that took to achieve. This game definitely takes a different type of skill then other first person shooter. All online shooters take a lot of concentration but this game takes it to a whole other level.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Free Download
This game more than anything is sort of a remix, much is still the same and pays homage to previous games, many of the fan favorite maps have made a return only with small changes which are for the most part for the better, and then of course the visuals are much updated. All the shooting gameplay remains the same; players get realistic weapons with low ammo and must make the most of it. After getting achievements like kills you earn cash, and you can spend these money in-between rounds to buy better weapons. Being this game has such a hardcore following this was to be expected, hardcore fans do not want much to change for the time being.

Gameplay wise the biggest addition to this game is the fire element. Molotov cocktails and incendiary grenades have been added to the game now, which can be used to burn victims if you are so lucky, but also they can do good without actually burning a player by creating barriers of sorts to keep players out or redirect them if need be.

If you have never played a Counter Strike before it will take a little time to get adjusted. This is usually the case for any game, but this game especially has a devoted following and most the players have been playing for years across multiple games, and the general nature of the game is very unforgiving you will find. So it can be tough trying to play online and learn at the same time without getting taken out frequently. But I guess failure can be the best teacher anyway, so just be ready to learn the subtle elements of battle in this game.

If you have the patience to see this game’s learning curve through, you will find an old school and rewarding competitive online experience that is still a classic. Don't hesitate to download Counter Strike Global Offensive; this game is just that good.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Free Download

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